Things I love about Crete

We are very nearly at the end of our six week stay in Crete, house-sitting for friends.  We have had such a fabulous time and I am only very slightly looking forward to getting home.  The first on my list of what I love here of is the sound of the birds, but in the last couple of days the cicadas have woken up and are trilling away.  Sadly they drown out the bird song in the mornings and they are really ugly looking things.  The only other noise is the sheep and goats and their tinkly bells that some of them wear around their necks.  Otherwise silence, no aeroplanes, cars, motorbikes, just sheep, goats and us.

Then the night sky is extraordinary; the full moon has been shining down in silvery day (?) light on the terrace for the last few nights.  Makes me think of that Robert Louis Stevenson poem, the moon has a face like the clock in the hall, she shines on thieves on the garden wall, and so on.  And we have been having fun with my star finder app, Skywalk, checking out satellites, the alignment of Venus and Jupiter etc etc etc.

And then there is the food, which is amazing.  I just love Greek food.  I could happily eat souvlaki and a Greek salad every evening for a month.  And I probably have.  Dakos is another of my absolute lunch time favourites, and the very kind decorator who has been coming in every now and then to paint the outside of the house, brought me some of his own sheep’s mesithra cheese on Saturday.  Probably coz I wasn’t too pleased to see him at 6.30am the other day, nor was the poor dog who hates Greek men having been badly treated as a puppy.  9 o’clock in the morning onwards is ok, as he is here for 4 hours, but when he comes at midday, not so good when I want to waste an afternoon swimming and sunbathing by the pool.  But his plastic bag of sheeps cheese is soooo delicious.  I rather want to take it back to Devon, but don’t think that security will allow it in my handbag on RyanAir.  We have found a fab restaurant in Georgioupolis which has a huge tank of lobsters and what they call crabs, but not crabs as we know them in Devon.  We have now been twice and had lobsters, squids, salads, pork steaks, seafood pasta, and the inevitable raki which is actually really nice there.  Anyway, today I made Dakos for lunch along with some really nice local rose wine and I shall definitely have to try to recreate this next time we have a hot night back home.  Just need some extra delicious tomatoes of course, and where do you buy those Dakos rusks anyway?

After that the mountains that change every evening as the sun goes down, watching the shadows lengthen.  The dozens and dozens of olive trees everywhere, the smell of a ripe fig tree when you walk past whilst taking the dog for her evening walk. The wonderful colour of the sea, and of course the wonderful Cretan people who make this place so special!2015-05-30 16.58.58

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2 Responses to Things I love about Crete

  1. kritsayvonne says:

    I’m with you on the dakos! You can usually buy it in a bakers and Lidl in Crete sell some good ones too. Although they are bulky they are quite light so travel well in a suitcase. Enjoy the rest of your time in Crete. X

    • devonbabe says:

      Thank you. Sadly now back in the UK and the bag of dakos I had left wouldn’t fit in my suitcase, I think Ottolenghi mentions somewhere to buy them in London, so I will have a look next time I am there. We had an amazing time in Crete, I love it!

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