Day 1 of Blogging 101

Well, I have just signed up to a WordPress course on how to be a better blogger.  This is the first assignment titled Introduce yourself to the World, so bear with me.  I do have an ‘About Me’ page already on my blog, but as this was done several years ago, maybe I should update it.  I am now on the right side of my sixties, blimey how did that happen, still have two gorgeous children in their twenties, and a not-so-new-now extraordinary husband – we had our 6th wedding anniversary just the other week.  We still live in Devon, but my heart still lives in London.  Here’s what I miss:  streets that are lit up by street-lamps at night time, red buses, Uber taxis (except that they are now spreading to other cities, yay!), rainy pavements, fab shops and museums, and above all my children and my friends.  Here’s what I love about Devon:  Exmoor, the beach, owls, the silence and my new Devon friends, of course.

I started blogging because I think this is the novel that I shall never write, so who knows, maybe after a year of writing regularly and having finished this course, I could start on this famous book of mine and then within a couple of years be churning out books as often as Danielle Steele does, or Barbara Cartland used to!  I tend to write about my rather chaotic family life, the ups and down of being what is referred to a part of the sandwich generation, simultaneously trying to keep an eye on my elderly mother and be on hand to look after the littlies whenever called upon by my step-son and beautiful daughter-in-law.  Not forgetting my own two children who don’t actually need that much looking after any more.  I write about our travels, my friends, and lots of other nonsense.

So here goes!

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One Response to Day 1 of Blogging 101

  1. kritsayvonne says:

    Hi, I think you will find blogging101 fun, I know I did. However, there are still some things I really don’t undrstand so perhaps I should take a re medial course. It’s a great way to see blogs that you’d not otherwise venture near. Good luck! X

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