Aussie Friends to stay in Crete

Can’t begin to say how excited we were when our friends from Canberra said they could join us in Crete for a week.  They worked their summer trip to Europe around a week here with us.  Enormous fun, and we so loved having them to stay and showing them some of our favourite places.  Two highlights stand out.  One a memorable day in Loutro where Mr Aussie went to choose our lunch from all the fish on display.  An enormous feast appeared, lobsters, sardines, squids, the most ginormous Cretan salad, plenty of wine and the inevitable raki.  We had already started our day with a quick sharpener of a Mojito as soon as we got off the ferry from Chora Sfakia.  We sat over our lunch more or less all day, our swim never happened, and the drive over the mountains on our way back to Vrysses didn’t seem as hair raising as usual.  We probably went to sleep rather early too!

We also had a lunch and wine tasting at the Dourakis winery just outside Vrysses.  We had been for just a wine tasting two years ago and this time we were able to have lunch too.  This is such a wonderful place.  The staff are all delightful, our tour of the winery, herb garden and cellars was fun and the lunch was super amazing!  Ditto the wines that went with each course.  I loved the Lihnos Vidano white wine and the rose – Kudos – was scrummy.  Best of all in my opinion was the dessert wine called Euphoria which tasted of strawberries and all things delicious. Bought two bottles of this to take back to the UK to enjoy at my birthday, or Christmas or probably just rather quietly by myself!

And then all too quickly Mr and Mrs Aussie left for their next stop before returning to Canberra.  The house is quieter without them and we, well me anyway, have now gone back to swimming and sunbathing – got to top up the tan before getting back to the UK next week.  Ironically though the UK is in the middle of a heatwave, temperatures off the scale and tabloid headlines of Phew Wot a Scorcher no doubt. But as Wimbledon has started it’ll probably be the usual pattern of two to three sunny days then a thunderstorm and then back to a good old British Summer.  Keeping fingers crossed that it carries on till September please!


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