Best Friends

You know when you are little at school, you have a best friend who changes almost daily usually because of someone taking your pencil or stealing your rubber and then has to be not your best friend any more and you quickly move on to the next pig-tailed non-pencil-nicking friend.  Well, some people have loads and loads of regular acquaintance-type friends and some people like me have just some amazing best friends ever.  Boarding school makes you form much stronger bonds I think and so my dearest mates from my boarding school days came out to Crete the other week for more fun and games, like we did two years ago.

We have gone through so much together and shared so many different thing, from bath water to beds, clothes to confidences, and several happy holidays.

We enjoyed a day at Loutro with sardines and calamares for lunch and that hair raising drive over the mountain, we bought baklava for pudding, we sunbathed, swum up and down the pool and in the sea at Loutro with our rather unbecoming swimming shoes on.  We did notice the gorgeous bikini clad girls who daintily walked over the stones and rocks into the sea without seeming to notice the pain.  We sat with our tapestries -again – much to the amusement of my wonderful husband, in the shade, stitching and bitching We put the world to rights, drank cocktails in the sun and planned our next big adventure.  

They are now safely back in the UK, I miss them already.


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