Blimey, nearly a year since I last visited my WordPress blog.  Too much has happened that would be totally boring to most people – but to paraphrase:  September, October and November 2015, were spent pretty much in my car on the M4, M25, and that long road to Tunbridge Wells that seems to take forever to help out my sister and getting my mother in and out of hospital to have her hip replacement re-done, the complications that followed, more surgery, more appointments, and at last very nearly pain-freedom.  Though what with her vascular dementia, I don’t think she actually remembers what it had been like for the previous eight years, to see how far she has come.  So huge credit and hats off to my big sister who has to cope on a daily/weekly basis with having Ma down the road and all the dentist, optician, memory clinic appointments and so on that are part of Ma’s routine nowadays.  This year has really been more of the same, plus lots of looking after the little ones, gorgeous grandson and little 15 month old granddaughter who I would quite like to preserve in aspic right now as she is too cute and lovely at the moment.  She stomps around, jabbering away in babyspeak, quite fearlessly.   It won’t be long though till she can speak proficiently and will be able to say my name properly- K seems to be difficult -P for Papa, D for daddy and M for mummy come more easily.  Such is life!

So what else have we been up to? Plenty of visits to London to see my beautiful children, my clever daughter’s graduation ceremony at the Institute of Education which was wonderful.  A huge proud mummy moment.  We went to France for a quick stay in the Pas de Calais area just before Easter to a really lovely hotel, Le Cour de Remi, in a tiny village called Bermicourt.  This was a fab hotel, yummy breakfasts and delicious suppers.  So lovely that we shall be going again in September.  There is plenty to see there, with the WW1 trenches, cemeteries and memorials, and wonderful chocolate shops.  As we were there just before Easter the shop windows were full of those amazing choccie goodies that the French do so well. 

So winter came to an end, spring arrived, the tortoise woke up and summer started, just, and here we are again in Crete for a few weeks.  

So after a stressful, busy and rather exhausting few months, the mountains, Cretan air, sunshine and obviously the occasional glass of wine are beginning to work their magic. And even the swallows around the pool don’t seem to mind me joining in with their swims too much. 

So, off into another Summer in Crete! 


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