My Year So Far…….

Oh crikey, it’s been months and months since I have been here.  So what have I been doing?  Well, what haven’t I been doing?  In the last six months, if not nine actually, there has been been one wedding, one funeral, and one birth to start with, though not in that order.  Wedding truly beautiful, my lovely nephew and his new gorgeous bride, a really amazing and very happy family occasion.  A very sad funeral for a brother-in-law after a shockingly short illness, and then a brand new dizzyingly cute little grand-daughter arrived in the Spring.  So a lot of my time has been spent rocking a rather refluxy little baby to sleep, cooing over her baby gurgle voicemail messages that she leaves me and choosing frocks at every possible opportunity (both for me and her!)

My wonderful husband has been to China and back on business and managed not to eat the snake he sent me a photograph of, that was one of the ‘specials’ on the menu that day in Ningbo.  I asked him to bring me back a panda to make a start on eating the bamboo at the end of our garden that badly needs someone, preferably a panda, to try to clear it.  Sadly no panda packed into his suitcase, but bucket loads of tea.  Nearly all the tea in China, but not quite.

Whilst he was away I went on a road trip to visit friends.  I started with my besties from way back, the ones who joined us in Crete last year.  We three had the most fabulous day at the Spa in the nearby Four Seasons Hotel.  So spoilt!  Luckily it was one of those perfect English summer days, blue sky and wonderfully hot.  We swam in a huge pool, that had doors that continued the swimming pool into the outside area where there was a proper jacuzzi type spa with very high pressure outlets that could pound your neck and shoulders or do amazing reflexology to you feet, back, wherever.  There was delicious cucumber flavoured water to drink, sunbeds with soft mattresses and enough towels to start one’s own market stall with,  There was also an extraordinary darkened room with beds and headphones where I was hoping to do a bit of quiet chilling out.  Old Squiffy came with me and just made me giggle and fall off the bed – which in fact was just as good as having ten minutes down time – not sure that the other meditators felt the same though!

I was also taken to the scrummy Chinese restaurant half way up the Shard by my gorgeous son. What an evening, London looked like toy-town, 32 storeys down.  Being June the daylight lasted for ever, then when the sun finally went down London sparkled beautifully.  

What else?  My beautiful daughter has nearly finished her PGCE, she has worked so hard and I am immensely proud of her.  Her new class of children will be very lucky to have her in September.  Plus my garden looks amazing – I am also rather proud of that too.  Good old David Austen roses!  So staying in Devon for the summer is paying off, pots get watered, tomatoes get grown and the tortoise gets fed – everyone happy!




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