November, the Start of Christmas and that M&S advert

The other day a friend pointed out that I had not written a blog for ages.  I know, I know, but I feel that I have spent more time on EasyJet, in France and worrying about my mother than I have spent at my desk in the last few months since the summer.  But I think France and my mother are now sorted as far as is possible and it’s now time to think of other more exciting things such as the start of the birthday season and the run up to Christmas.  Everyone in my family has a birthday in November and December including me and this year I am going to be older than I have ever been before – 60 eh!!  The only good thing that I can think of is the bus pass – unless they have moved the goal posts again – an old person’s travel card (what me? an old person?), and free prescriptions.  Plus the cheaper cinema tickets and I am sure there will be plenty of other occasions when I feel that it will be OK to be 60, but sadly I can’t think of that many…….I have now though just looked at the government bus pass web site and I don’t get one for another five and a half years so that’s my 60th birthday ruined…..

And then we have Christmas and the whole wonderful build-up to it.  I love everything about Christmas, the decorations, nativity plays, Christmas lights, Somerset House skating rink, the Starbucks gingerbread latte in a red cup, carols, Sloane Square all lit up with twinkly trees and am even shallow enough to love the Christmas adverts produced by John Lewis and all the other shops.  Oooh I just adore the John Lewis one, I have always loved that Keane song, and am super excited to hear Lily Allen singing it.  It’s been downloaded on to my iPod etc and is about to go on to my party playlist.  I am not sure I exactly got the story of the advert, but having looked it all up on the internet, I now understand.  Maybe that’s something to do with coming up to old age.  The other Christmas advertisement that I am also loving hugely is the Marks and Spencer’s one.  My current secret celebrity crush is David Gandy so that’s me happy then.  Then rather spookily I came across a post on my Facebook page attaching a link to a whole lot of David Gandy naked photographs – marvellous.  I know that a nearly 60 year old shouldn’t be gawping at 30-something year old chaps in not much apart from a carefully placed shirt, but quite honestly, Mr Gandy, I thank you!


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