Best Friends in Crete

I have just waved goodbye to my two best friends after a week in Crete (together with Ascot Liz’s fab husband) in our lovely temporary Cretan home.  We three have been friends since we were eleven and were all sent off to boarding school to survive Downe House.  Actually it wasn’t that bad and we did become amazingly good friends because of it.  Downe House is famous for some of its old girls, such as Geraldine James (Gerry Thomas as she was then), Miranda Hart, Kate Middleton and Clare Balding to name a few who have all gone on to do great stuff or marry a prince, and so have we.  No princes involved but I think having stuck together through thick and thin, boyfriends, husbands, weddings, births, divorces, new husbands, and six pretty awesome children between us – Downe House should be proud of us three too!

The last time we were all on hols together was a very long time ago when we were all in our early twenties and we went skiing in Les Arcs on a coach.  That was a very funny and memorable holiday.  There was a group of squash players, if I remember rightly, who used to join us in our room for porridge in the morning, and drinks later on, even at lunchtime. We also skied a lot too.  Enough said!  This holiday we spent a lot of time sitting around the pool, sunbathing, swimming, snoozing, chatting, drinking, eating olives, and even doing our tapestries like a witches coven sitting around the table.  My tapestry was bought in 1994 and had to have a lot of dust shaken off it when I decided to bring it out to Crete with me.  But a lot of the time was just spent being silly and giggling like teenagers.

We had several outings to show the girls the local places that we enjoy, a day trip to Chora Sfakia to catch the ferry to Loutro, a wonderfully sunny avocado lunch in Lappa on their last day, and the lovely beach and little chapel in Georgioupolis.

We are all now about to, or have done so already, turn sixty, so a lot to celebrate – 180 years between us three – crikey!  And very many happy years more to come.  Thanks Old Squiffy and Han, it was an excellent week.


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One Response to Best Friends in Crete

  1. Johanna Macfarlane says:

    Hillarious, you have just made my day!! Love Han x

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