Winetasting at the Dourakis Winery, Crete

We went here last Friday.  Apparently there was a wedding going on Saturday, the daughter of the owner, Mr Dourakis, was getting married there so we were unable to have lunch as they were so busy getting ready for about 250 guests.  The son of the owner who helped us with the wine tasting said that this was a very small wedding by Cretan standards and if we wanted to come back for lunch, probably best to leave it for about five days or so whilst they got everything packed away again and recovered from the celebrations.  So we are intending to go back again in a week or so’s time.  It is set half way along the road through the White Mountains from Vrysses to Sfakia, the pretty little port where we got the ferry to Loutro the other day.  More on that in another blog.


We were sat at a table in the coolth and shade of being inside. We started with some rosé, Grenache Rosé Dourakis, fabulous – this went straight into the shopping basket.  Then onto some whites. The first wine brought out was Malvesia Aromatica, that was extremely nice and just as it said, aromatic,  but didn’t make us want to buy a bottle-full, then the next white, Rizitis, which was a really lovely dry white wine,  We had in fact had this for lunch at Loutro two days’ ago and really enjoyed it there.  My favourite brother-in-law was keen to have some Cretan wine that came out of a bottle rather then the usual jug sold by the kilo.


Next some reds, the least expensive, Rizitis again, was extremely tanniny and none of us liked it at all;  as you can gather, I’m not a Master of Wine. But the next red, Lihnos, a cabernet sauvignon he opened was simply delicious, lots of summer pudding and raspberries going on and definitely went on the shopping list as well. Then another even more scrummy red, Kudos, a syrah, that was even more intense summer pudding and blackcurrants but didn’t taste of headaches in the slightest.  Another one in the basket!

The highlight was produced at the end – a desert wine sold in a skinny 50cl bottle and rather expensive.  It was made with local Cretan grapes and was the most delicious desert wine ever.  It tasted of hot strawberries, smelt like them too and would be absolutely fabulous at the end of a lovely dinner, or Christmas even.  Might have to go back and get some of that for a present for ourselves for Christmas this year.  I think it is called Euphoria Romelko 2012 and it won a silver medal award at the 2013 Decanter World Wine Awards.  Well deserved. Can’t wait to go back and see what lunch might be like post wedding.


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