St Nicholas’ Chapel,Georgioupolis, Crete

I am rather of the DH Lawrence used to live in Florence school of thought (if it had been Compton Mackenzie he’d have called it Firenze) when it comes to Greek names.  So rather than saying all the Gs in a Y sound I have been calling it Georgioupolis as it is written.  As it is, George Michael doesn’t call himself Yeoy Michael when he’s in the UK as that would just be silly. Maybe his mother did, but that’s what mothers are allowed to do.  Anyway, GeorgiP is a very pretty little town on the sea about twenty minutes from our lovely house in Crete.

There is a lovely little chapel built out at sea at the end of a rocky walk way which is always worth a visit.  It is painted white and once inside has a few pretty icons and a stone dish where you can light a candle for somebody.  It is Saint Nicholas’ chapel and however many times I have slipped and slid along the stones, usually wearing flip flops – big mistake – it is so charming I love going back every time.  A great place to take photographs as well. This is me, my beautiful sister and favourite brother-in-law.


On the beach at the far end there is a good little shack type lunch place where you can get a cold beer and an ice cream, along with lunchy type dishes, tsatsiki, dakos, olives etc, and then go for a swim after.


The supermarket in the town which is called Anna’s has a fascinating selection of food, I bought some really delicious peaches and more of the wonderful local sheep’s yogurt. So that’s breakfast sorted for the next few days.

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