Cretan Food Shopping and Cooking

Luckily the owner of the local supermarket speaks a little English so with my shopping list in hand I went looking for all sorts of goodies.  Feta cheese, myzithra a curd type cheese sold in a plastic bag, and some Cretan rusks, big fat tomatoes, minced beef (which he minced on the spot for me), local yogurt- sheep’s maybe, and red onions in order to make Greek supper for when guests arrive tomorrow.  I went through all the Greek cook books that are on our host’s book shelf and found some very simple but yummy looking recipes.

We shall start with tzatziki and dakos, which is a sort of Greek version of bruschetta only nicer if that can be possible.  You use those wonderful dried rusky things that come in large packets, rubbed over with garlic and drizzled with olive oil, then grated tomato is piled on top along with some myzithra and feta cheese, bit more olive oil on top, then sprinkled with some thyme.  So delicious, but quite a heavy starter so not sure whether to leave that for lunch the following day.  Then aubergine ‘slippers’, aubergines stuffed with a minced beef, garlic and oniony centre and covered in some bechamel.  Maybe a spinach pie to go with;  filo pasty, with spinach and myzithra cheese in the centre.  All this will probably be far too much but it is just as nice to eat cold so am not worrying to much.  Peaches for pudding, I think, all washed down with plenty of Cretan wine.  Delicious!

Next on my list to make is fried cheese – saganaki – slices of  kefalotyri cheese dipped in flour and fried, a bit like Halloumi I suppose, but the Greek version.  And I want to make souvlaki, pork or chicken marinated in lemon juice and olive oil then grilled.  Oooh I love this country – though had to swim 40 lengths of the pool today to make up for all of this.  NB Small pool!

This is today’s lunch, we ate what I cooked so quickly no one had a chance to take any photos!  But it was all so delish that I shall make it all over again later in the week.

2013-06-30 13.36.21

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