Crete – The First Week

So we have now been left to our own devices.  Our lovely friends left the other morning for a grey and drizzly England, and we are now feeling rather grown up and responsible with the house, dog and cat to look after.  But we are not worried, it is so beautiful here, we are at the foot of the White Mountains in Crete, with olive groves, sheep, goats, enormous mountains – not quite Alpine, but pretty big, all around us.  I think Zeus was born here many thousands of years ago, but need to read up more of my Greek mythology before I can write with absolute certainty but at least I do know he was born in Crete on top of a mountain, so that will do for now anyway.

So far the car has had a few problems with starting, the mains water pipe became disconnected and there seem to be ants everywhere, particularly on my mouthwash bottle, they obviously like the taste.  We have now got the car sorted, managed to re-connect the water but what to do about the ants?  We looked in the local supermarkets for ant spray/powder but couldn’t see anything.  It doesn’t matter too much as they are only tiny, but I don’t want them all over my toothbrush.

It is also unbelievably hot, about 34 degrees and not a cloud to be seen.  The cicadas make  such a noise, they are in the carob trees all around the pool.  Ugly things cicadas, but the noise is always something that reminds me of hot days.  Quite nice.  We have been to Georgioupolis, the nearest main town, for lunch where we rather over-ordered.  Their salads are enormous and enough for two people to share, so we are feeling very full of tomatoes and tzatziki at the moment, but that’s OK.  Nothing that a swim can’t sort out.  There must be a whole lot of swallows nesting somewhere close by as they come along in the afternoon and circle the pool and dip in one after the other.  They are beautiful to watch and don’t seem to mind us intruders in their swimming pool too.


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