My Cretan Adventures Start Here

Five weeks in Crete can’t be bad.  We have wonderful friends who decided that the summer is too hot here and they wanted to be back in grey drizzly England with their children and grandchildren.  Who would like to house sit?  Yes, please we said, but it sounds like hard work, managing the swimming pool, walking 5 year old Google-dog in the evening to avoid the heat, watering the roses, and generally keeping an eye on everything.  So closing up our house on an unusually sunny day in darkest Devon and arranging with my fabulous friends to look after it and throw a tomato at the tortoise from time to time, we left for Bristol Airport and arrived in Heraklion late last night.

Our friends have two days to show us what to do, and fab husband is having a lesson in pool maintenance as I type.  It is HOT, 31 degrees in the shade, and just how I like it!  Lazy Google-dog lies in whatever shade she can find, the cicadas are buzzing away in the olive trees, the lizards disappear into the cracks in the rocks when you pass by, and Kat snoozes on a sun-bed.  Perfect!

I did think about learning some Greek before we came out here and took out a Teach Yourself Greek in 60 Minutes CD from the library.  Marvellous, I thought, 30 minutes on my drive to South Molton for a haircut, 30 minutes coming home again and I will have cracked it.  Wrong!  It just doesn’t make sense, my French, Italian (teeny weeny) and German (bit more than teeny) don’t help at all.  I know I did Ancient Greek at school, but what I really want to know is how to order two beers and buy a loaf of bread, rather than what Homer wrote in his Odyssey.  I can still only say good morning/evening, but I am hoping the rest will follow as if by osmosis.

Tomorrow we shall make sure we know where the supermarkets are, and where to buy yogurt from in Vrysses.  Reading the Easy Jet magazine yesterday, it said that Vrysses is the place to find the best yogurt in Crete – which is great as that’s just down the road a bit.  We have been here lots of times before and so know the area fairly well but I am very excited about having lots of time to explore, find different beaches, see Minoan burial grounds if necessary, and eat Greek salad every day if I want to.

This is today’s lunch on the terrace…


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