Chicken-Pox and Cake Pops

When my two gorgeous children had chicken pox many years ago they just sailed through with no problems and came out with no nasty scars and it was a doddle.  Not so with little grandson (step obviously-as you know I am still jolly young).  Poor little chap arrived in darkest Devon on a Monday afternoon with the newly diagnosed chickenpox and a few spots, just a little bit more cuddly and quieter than usual   This suited rather well as fab husband and  I could carry on whilst little chap lay on the sofa in the kitchen and watched endless Octonauts.  However, it soon became clear that this was only day 1 and it was going to get worse.  His normally peaceful nights were very disturbed, ergo ours too.  We were due to be driving to Bristol on Thursday anyway for a pre-organised ten day babysit whilst my lovely step-son and his even more beautiful missus got married (finally legal!) and went off on a child-free honeymoon.

By Thursday he was covered in spots and you could see more appearing, first as tiny red dots and then into the huge blistery spots of chicken pox.  Eyes, mouth, nose, bottom – all over. He looked like a little, rather skinny, currant bun.  The day of the marriage ceremony was at least sunny but he was too unwell to come too.  Luckily being only 3 and a half, too little to understand what he was missing, ditto the party in the evening.  Another bad night of temperature, Calamine lotion which is nothing like it used to be in the olden days and a foamy lotion that is apparently meant to be very good for itchy spots but just made him scream.  This went on for several days.  Never has so much CBeebies been watched, cards game played, mosaic dinosaurs been mosaiced, and general lying about on the sofa been done.  Over the next few days he got slightly better.  We even managed a visit to the North Somerset Show which was lovely and I would have loved staying there for longer but he was beginning to wilt.  I read all the chickenpox forums on Mumnsnet – fascinating forums on diet tips, including the 5:2 diet which I am already trying, dysfunctional marriages, chickenpox and much more – makes very good reading, even looked at Gransnet (WTF!), but I rather prefer the Mumsnet stuff.

By the time the newly-weds arrived back a week later, we were very pleased to see them, dear little grandson was very nearly back to normal and most of his spots beginning to clear.  We packed our bags and returned home to sit quietly on the sofa with our halos sparkling and several more Brownie points on the chart.

Can’t possibly put a chicken poxy photo on here so here are the cake pops I bought for the wedding lunch, made here in Barnstaple and so delicious.

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2 Responses to Chicken-Pox and Cake Pops

  1. The cake pops are looking wonderful!

  2. devonbabe says:

    They are sooo delicious – very moreish – not for diet days!

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