Osteopenia worries

Last week, following a bone density scan, the results came back with osteopenia which is the precursor to osteoporosis.  This is totally treatable with calcium and vitamin D pills, and a weekly bisphosphonate which helps the absorbtion of calcium.  Following my fractured wrist in February a bone density scan seemed a very good idea as my mother who breaks something whenever she falls (which is quite frequently) has obviously got osteoporosis but strongly denies it…..  I have now started on the medication and I hope it is already working as this morning, I tripped on the second to bottom step and then fell awkwardly to the floor.

I should explain that at the moment we are babysitting my little grandson whilst my step-son and his new missus are on honeymoon and I was also concentrating on making sure he was following me down stairs properly and carrying a load of plastic beakers in my hands.

So lying at the bottom of the stairs with my ankle really hurting badly – my first thought was Oh God what have I broken now, rather than oh dear twisted my ankle.  So maybe I am getting too paranoid abut my bones.  My lovely GP said not to wrap myself in cotton wool and not do stuff in case I would fall over.  I suppose he meant skiing or horse riding, two things I love but not done for a year, but having to concentrate on walking down stairs and stuff like that puts me into old-lady-land, and that is just awful.

So I am sitting with ice round my foot feeling sorry for myself, particularly as I was going to go to Bristol’s John Lewis today and enjoy some shopping and a wander and also buy myself a skipping rope as good weight bearing exercise for me to help strengthen my bones.  Obviously that’s not going to happen today, John Lewis or the skipping.

Looking forward to starting over again tomorrow…..


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