The Young Visitor

Oh Katie, quick look out of the window – this was at 6 o’clock in the morning and my little grandson (step – obviously as I am not that old – but still adore him as much as a regular grandchild of my own) was staying with us for a few nights.  Trying hard to get back under the duvet but unsuccessfully I asked what I should be looking at.  ‘Your Mini is still outside’ he said.  Crikey that’s a relief I thought, being in darkest Devon and an area not well known for car thieves.  I had forgotten about these early mornings and at 6 o’clock on the dot, gorgeous grandson is awake and wanting to start the day.  ‘Why don’t you come and snuggle down in our bed for a while’, this is just about acceptable as long as CBeebies is on the telly.  Thank God for CBeebies, I can now sing along and enjoy Mr Tumble with the rest of the world, comment on Charlie and Lola, and not really like Octonauts particularly.  After about quarter of an hour even the telly starts to get boring and gorgeous grandson is shouting to go downstairs.  What is it about going downstairs, there’s nothing very interesting down there but for him I think it means that the day has officially started.  So after some negotiating, I went down to get tea for me and fab husband, and the Tick Tock redbush tea that gorgeous grandson likes.  His mother is South African which explains the redbush tea.  I also found a hot cross bun and brought a tray back up to bed.  So a pile of books chosen and ready to be read, sheets of stickers ready to be stuck on anything, and rather a lot of hot cross bun crumbs in our bed and we were able to remain upstairs for another hour or so.  The rest of his stay with us involved lots of cake making, loads of walks to the library, the swings in the park and Easter eggs obviously.  We did manage to make Mary Berry’s Simnel cake which I was so surprised that gorgeous grandson would enjoy, being marzipan which I used to hate as I child, and then some really scrummy creme egg brownies which went down really well, a recipe I found on Facebook!  Always a joy to have the pleasure of looking after him for a couple of days, but once he has gone back to his own house again, fab husband and I sit on the sofa and stare at the ceiling for a few hours, then have a large drink.  Till the next time…..

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