Back to reality and St Valentine’s Day

It is now a week since I got back from Sri Lanka – and we are already thinking about where we would go next time round.  Such a lovely country and still so unspoilt.  Sadly there is still a lot of tsunami damage evident along the coast line.  Everyone mostly thinks about Thailand and the tsunami but Sri Lanka suffered far more and there were many more deaths.  Driving along the coast road there are hundreds of little memorial stones along the roadside.  We loved the Cinnamon Bey Hotel, not a thing of beauty but once inside our room it was lovely.  The grounds were attractive and I loved the Sri Lankan children all playing cricket the whole time.  The food was so delicious and I just adored all the scrummy breakfasts.  The Ayuverdic massage I had was very relaxing, loads of oil poured onto my head which took ages to wash out but made my hair nice and shiny soft.  Those coconut palms seem rather a long way away now we are back in Devon where actually today spring looks like it might have sprung at last.  I have bulbs coming up and one solitary crocus – not bad for an amateur gardener.  Yesterday being Valentines we drove up to Exmoor for lunch at Withypool.  Exmoor looked lovely with snowdrops everywhere, and the pub has a huge fire so nice and cosy.  Not being London, or maybe not really knowing they could, there was, rather refreshingly, not a Valentine’s menu in sight!



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