An elephant crossed the road

imageArrived here in Sri Lanka after a long flight, so excited to see sunshine and blue skies.  Following a long delay at the airport due to mix up with hotel transfers etc we set off in the staff van for hours of driving through Colombo then onto the brand new Expressway.  We got transferred into a proper car and thought there was some misunderstanding  when Ronnie, the driver, told us about 8 hours. Finally the last 20 k was along an unmade up road going into the jungle. That was when I kept fingers crossed that one of the enormous pot holes wouldn’t cause a puncture. No way was I getting out of the car.  Eyes were shining on both sides of the road caught in the headlights as hidden creatures peered out to see who was disturbing their night. A little, well actually fairly large, ring tailed lemur looked up and made a dash for the other side, successfully luckily what with Ronnie’s driving.  Then a huge elephant came lumbering across.  That’s when you realise that this is for real and there isn’t a mahout running alongside him. Can’t wait to see this place in the morning and explore properly! This is the pool area, by the way.

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