Whenever I walk in a London Street…..

I am ever so careful……. of the wretched cyclists who appear from nowhere, ignore traffic lights, then glare at you as you try to cross as if to say WTF are you doing in my way.  So irritating and just so dangerous.  There are hundreds more bicycles out there now than there were a few years back when I lived here, they all seem to think they have right of way over the streets, pavements, zebra crossings, anywhere in fact where I seem to be walking.  When I get old and have a walking stick and become a grumpy old woman (no, don’t bother saying anything) I shall poke it between their wheel spokes.  Whilst on the subject of London traffic, it can also be jolly dangerous crossing a road at a red light because in London everyone jumps the lights.  Back in darkest Devon you can watch the pelican (?) crossing lights and start walking over the road when they change to amber as all the cars have stopped hundreds of yards back along the road – being careful and all, but not  here in London where you take your life in your hands and try not to be hit by a passing bicycle or a light jumping car!  It’s just all too exciting trying to get to work in the morning in one piece.  (With apologies to A A Mllne)


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