The Rain and Christmas

This has to have been the wettest Christmas ever – the rain started a few days before Christmas Eve and Devon which was already water logged began to overflow.  Rivers burst their banks and roads and fields became one with the rivers.  My wonderful children were arriving for Christmas on the train from London and as First Great Western started to run into trouble I was getting seriously concerned that they might not get here at all.  The line between Exeter and Barnstaple was cancelled as there were problems with over running work on the tracks anyway, and then the trains to the South West stopped at Taunton – nightmare.  Beautiful daughter’s train on the Saturday before Christmas got as far as Taunton so Fab Husband drove God know how many miles to go and pick her up, about 40 or so I think, and then had to fight through the Christmas shopping traffic in Taunton so the whole round trip took forever.  Gorgeous Son didn’t arrive till Christmas Eve and by then the water had gone down a bit so the train got as far as Tiverton.  We all went off in the car to collect him and as we got into the station noticed the BBC cameras everywhere and a reporter interviewing people about their awful journeys.  Beautiful Daughter and I immediately tried to get out of the car to be on the telly, fluffing our hair and checking lipstick in the mirror, but being squashed into the very tight back seat and laughing so much we were practically crying, we couldn’t escape.  Fab husband was stopped though as he went to find Gorgeous Son so if anyone saw a very sweet interview on BBC news on Christmas Eve about picking up the children and having them all home safe for Christmas, that was him.

It wasn’t good for all of us though, my lovely neighbour’s house just up the hill got flooded because her house has a well beneath it, and what with the water table levels rising, flooded her cellar and another house not too far away, near what would normally be called a large stream suddenly became a raging torrent and they had to evacuate their house, so a lot of people had a pretty miserable time.

Our tortoise sleeps on, blissfully unaware of the soaking wet earth all around him.  Am just hoping that he doesn’t get trench foot or wake up with a bad cold.

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