A fairy watching over me, directing me to Sri Lanka

I think the prize winner fairy has definitely been sprinkling fairy dust in my general direction.  Fab husband and I are off to Sri Lanka at the end of January courtesy of the Times newspaper.  So exciting!  There will be elephants, fantastic birds, crocodiles, all manner of snakes apparently and also leopards, as they love it there, so I have been reading.  This is the fourth prize I have won this year.  It started with the local Mini garage where I won a weekend bag all lovely black and shiny with MINI in huge letters along the side, a lovely umbrella which has different coloured Minis on it and springs open at the touch of a button and takes peoples eyes out who happen to be standing next to me, and a huge black mug which is the perfect size for morning cups of builders’ tea, next came a delicious lunch at Gidleigh Park courtesy of Food Magazine, owned by the famous Michael Caines with Michelin stars all over the place.  We went there on our wedding anniversary at the end of May and I have never eaten such fab food, the service was wonderful, all the staff truly delightful, and a sunny day as an extra plus  During the Olympics I won an ipad, again a huge thank you to the Times, and now Sri Lanka.  Do you think I should now have several attempts at the lottery, or is that pushing the fairy’s abilities too far.  A lovely girlfriend of mine noticed the other evening that I seem to have won several prizes now via The Times, the best of course being Fab Husband!John-Keells05

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