Toasted tea cakes, Christmas carols and a previous secret celebrity crush

Tuesday was a perfect December evening in Hampshire all frosty and slightly foggy spent with hugely talented and lovely girl friend in her beautiful house along with fab husband and Ascot Liz.  We ate toasted tea cakes in front of the fire and exchanged Christmas presents – didn’t open them though as that would have been quite wrong.  Then a short walk up the high street to her local church where we were offered mince pies and red wine – jolly welcome – and a fab carol service with Oliver Tobias doing two of the readings.  Marvellous!   Many years ago in another life I used to see him at the local gym in Battersea, always surrounded by girls, and somewhat gorgeous.  I am sure he is still pretty gorgeous but my earlier crush on him has now totally gone – bad luck Ollie – and he has been replaced by various other secret celebrity crushes who come and go as the mood takes me.  The following morning her garden looked rather like a Hollywood film set – a fairytale hoar frost covering spiders webs, trees and turning it into Narnia without the snow.  Now my head is full of Christmas carols and shall have to dig out my Christmas CDs, Michael Buble, Charlotte Church, Christmas Disney style, you name it am sure I have got it somewhere.  Now let’s go and buy a Christmas tree…..

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