My Unbirthday Present

Today is not my birthday, in fact today it is my lovely brother’s birthday and mine is not for another 25 days, but fab husband has given me my birthday pressie as it arrived in the post and I assume too big to hide.  And this is what it is: a pull along/push along shopping trolley.  Do not laugh beautiful daughter of mine as it is something that I have wanted since living down here and I took it out for its first adventure this morning to the Pannier Market.  It takes a bit of getting used to especially after  several fights with some buggies and a couple of old people but got all my shopping in it.  I felt very pleased with myself not being laden down with various shopping bags and baskets and it is rather like pulling along a suitcase.  It is also quite smart and matches the lining of my jacket in case it matters.  Having got it home, all the shopping was in a bit of a muddle though, a free range chicken muddling around with Body Shop goodies (all on amazing offer at the moment), a couple of sausage rolls, hunks of cheese to take to London, Melchior chox for London, and an amaryllis plant which luckily survived and hadn’t snapped and a cauliflower.  Obviously the packing of it needs careful consideration.  But I am loving it!

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