A New Friend

Wednesday is the day when there is an antique/bricabrac market in the local Pannier Market so I went down to look for odd cups and saucers for my new candle making career and came back with a bag of various china and a new friend!  Moving away to a new part of the country when one has reached a certain age and not doing the school gate malarkey any more makes finding new friends fairly difficult.  Obviously there is a large circle of fab husband’s friends who all have wives, but I need to make my own friends as well – this is really important to me.  So in the last few years since I have been down here I have been trying my best to do this.  You know when you meet someone for the first time and there is an immediate connection and you think ‘oh, I would really like to be your friend’ which doesn’t happen all that often, well today it did.  I got talking to a market stall holder, and an hour later we were still chatting and exchanging mobile numbers and crazy ideas and arranging to meet next week.  She has only been down in Devon for a few weeks and already knows loads of different people, so I have a lot to learn from her and think we shall have a lot of fun together.  Ran back to the car park where I had only put an hour’s worth of parking on the ticket and was totally expecting to find I had got a parking fine as I was half an hour overdue.  But hurray, the universe is looking after me today – no ticket – imagine if I had been in London, it would definitely have been a £50 fine or whatever it is nowadays!

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