A Hangover and a Curry

Today I have a slight hangover, well not slight, actually quite bad which seeing as I really only shared a bottle of wine with a girlfriend out for a curry last night,does not seem fair.  But something happens in one’s fifties and whilst in the olden days I could happily have an aperitif or two and then some wine with supper, but never, ever, anything afterwards, that has always been the case, nowadays more than one, maybe two, glasses of wine and I do feel pretty grim the following morning.  And this morning I not only felt grim but certainly did not look my pretty best….So I was totally delighted when I was in the local supermarket this afternoon, having bought and paid for my various items, a lady stopped me as I was leaving to see if I had time to do a survey for her on my ‘shopping experience’ that afternoon.  I agreed and rushed through the usual questions about cleanliness, stock availability etc.  At the end she said she had a few questions about myself and first of all, how old was I last birthday.  It takes me ages to remember things like that as I rather choose to forget them.  So when I told her 58, she said it again slowly as if I hadn’t understood the question, then said how extraordinary she would never have thought it.  I came out feeling a million dollars, but then, maybe she had thought I was actually older than that, but that would have just been rude!

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