Kirsty Days

Feel a bit like Kirsty Allsop at the moment and gone all crafty minded.  First I have done a decoupage sort of kleenex tissue box holder which has come out really well and was such fun to do.  Reminds me of my Blue Peter days both as a child and then when my two children were growing up.  Lots of cutting and sticking but this time using a scalpel type blade rather than blunt scissors.  In fact I am so proud of this first attempt that I cannot possibly give it away which will probably be a huge relief to all the members of my family who were rather hoping that they were not to be the lucky recipient of a decoupage box.  Though I have now bought two more boxes to do more cutting and sticking, so, brothers and sister of mine – watch out.  The next project is candle making.  Seeing as I am totally addicted to Jo Malone candles, I thought I could probably try these at home.  So one candle making kit from the internet later and I have quite a good looking candle in an old Brambly Hedge mug – sorry beautiful daughter I know it belongs to you – I don’t think Jo Malone has much to worry about but having enjoyed this so much I am now booked on to a candle making course in Clovelly at the beginning of December – can’t wait! Watch out Diptyque…

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