Remembrance Sunday Weather

A wonderfully lazy Sunday morning with breakfast in bed, thank you fab husband, maybe croissants are not always such a good idea though – the crumbs, the crumbs.  Watching the Cenotaph service on the telly is always rather emotional, but London sparkling in the autumn sunshine was wonderful to see.  In all my years in London I only ever went to the Cenotaph service once to stand amongst the crowds and rather wish I had been more often.  Another huge plus was that the London sunshine was also shining on us down here in Devon; usually when it is sunny in London it is tipping with rain down here or that awful fine Exmoor drizzle in the air.  I think there is a Devon name for the drizzle but not being a Devoner – no idea what it is.  No one told me about the rain when I was persuaded to move down here four years ago – kept that very quiet, not surprisingly as I might well have had second thoughts – does awful things to my hair, particularly the drizzle.  So to take advantage of the sunshine I persuaded fab husband to go for a walk through the fields, and then messing about in the garden.  But that is another story.Image

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